Prakash Kharel

Prakash Kharel
प्रश्न नं. १. नेपालको सबैभन्दा ठुलो जिल्ला कुन हो ?
क) डोल्पा
ख) सुर्खेत
ग) बाँके
घ) भक्तपुर
Question 2: What is the capital of France?
A) Paris
B) London
C) Berlin
D) Madrid
Explanation: The capital of France is Paris.
Question 3: What is the largest planet in our solar system?
A) Jupiter
B) Earth
C) Mars
D) Venus
Explanation: Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system.
Question 4: Which gas do plants absorb from the atmosphere?
A) Carbon dioxide
B) Oxygen
C) Nitrogen
D) Hydrogen
Explanation: Plants absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
Question 5: What is the largest mammal in the world?
A) Blue whale
B) African elephant
C) Giraffe
D) Lion
Explanation: The blue whale is the largest mammal in the world.

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